Creating Real Estate Clients for Life

A few words from the Real Living Real Estate CEO, Allan Dalton . . .

“Have you ever wondered why 88 percent of consumers—according to the highly credible research conducted by the National Association of REALTORS®—do not return to their prior real estate agent to do future business? Well, Real Living Real Estate and I consider this an alarming statistic.

We believe it’s because real estate consumers do not view themselves as real estate clients—or rely on our wisdom only during the period and process of their real estate transaction. In spite of how thousands of real estate professionals consistently proclaim, “I want to be your real estate agent for life,” why then do only a small percentage of consumers take them up on that offer? Could it be, while we have excelled at converting consumers into customers and customers into clients, we have failed in creating clients, or even customers for life? Why does it seem as though consumers settle in on one family doctor, lawyer, financial planner, or auto-mechanic? Yet each time a new real estate need or desire surfaces they continue to play “real estate agent roulette”?

From my many years in real estate brokerage and several years as CEO of, I believe it is due to the following: We have not shifted our value proposition from only being one time transactional to long-range relational. For example, financial planners have evolved from merely selling a life insurance policy to helping consumers develop financial plans. Unless we wish to see a world where home sellers continue to take the same random approach of selecting an agent, then we must recast our value proposition. It appears that while our industry has long embraced so-called “farming,” both off and online, perhaps we have not been planting perennial seeds. To make this shift will require more than good intentions or empty declarations—it calls for a plan. As a valued brand of HSF Affiliates, Real Living Real Estate aims to spearhead this shift, and we have a plan and a brand that will generate both transactional and life-long lifestyle and real estate value.

Here at Real Living, we value our customers and focus on making them life-long clients. If you are interested in learning more about Real Living and our office here in Chicago, please reach out so we can show you how we can help you reach your real estate goals.


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